Monday, February 22, 2010

Back-Tracking A Little: Home Depot Date With Dad

I almost forgot to put this in here! Every month on the first Saturday, Home Depot hosts free clinics for kids to go to with their parents and build things. Michael tries to take the boys to these occasionally and happened to for February! The hard thing is, the kids are supposed to be 4 years old to participate, and Scott is only 2 1/2, yet he's old enough to get that he's being left out if Michael only takes the older boys. So, we packed Scott up too and I joined them. Scott and I got to watch and color together. Every once in awhile Scott got to sneak in an occasional hammer hit and had fun too! This time Jared built a bank that looks like a Fire Station and Gavin built a shelf to hold all his Hot Wheels cars. After that we took the kids over to Great Harvest and bought a cinnamon roll to share! Yum! It was a fun Saturday!

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  1. Sounds like a fun Saturday! Good for you guys!!