Monday, February 22, 2010

Back-Tracking A Little: Home Depot Date With Dad

I almost forgot to put this in here! Every month on the first Saturday, Home Depot hosts free clinics for kids to go to with their parents and build things. Michael tries to take the boys to these occasionally and happened to for February! The hard thing is, the kids are supposed to be 4 years old to participate, and Scott is only 2 1/2, yet he's old enough to get that he's being left out if Michael only takes the older boys. So, we packed Scott up too and I joined them. Scott and I got to watch and color together. Every once in awhile Scott got to sneak in an occasional hammer hit and had fun too! This time Jared built a bank that looks like a Fire Station and Gavin built a shelf to hold all his Hot Wheels cars. After that we took the kids over to Great Harvest and bought a cinnamon roll to share! Yum! It was a fun Saturday!

Valentine's Day 2010

We had a great Valentine's day this year! The last couple of years I've been totally spoiled like it's Mother's Day or something! It's great! Michael made us a big waffle breakfast and gave me some gorgeous hot pink roses! He also managed to make me a trail of hearts leading out to the kitchen....a nice reminiscent thing of when we were dating (only then, it was rose petals....*sigh*). The kids took time to make really nice Valentine cards and my gift for Michael was to give him an alarm boring am I? More often than not, we've learned to become more practical, than anything, with our gift giving! We bought a little treat for the boys and gave Jared some page protectors that he can use to put his books and illustrations in and Gavin a "tech deck" (huge waste of money if you ask me, but he loves them....little mini skateboards), and Scott got a Color Wonder fingerpaint set.

We had a fun long weekend due to President's Day too and had a great time! We took the boys indoor golfing too over at Trafalga. Turns out it was glow in the dark day....they had a great time! I love all my Valentines!

100's Day

Every year the school makes a big deal of the 100th day of school. This year was Gavin's first experience with the 100's Day festivities and he had a blast! I got to go help out in his class. All of the kids brought 100 of something to mix together into a trail mix for the kids to take home and boy did he love that! Gavin can always go for marshmallows and pretzels! Here he and some of his friends are sporting their 100 Day Head Gear!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jared's "Girlfriend"

Although they've been off and on (hahaha) this is Jared's best friend at school! He has her over frequently and they get along great! All Jared's life he's gotten along really well with girls and this is one of them.....Brianna! Last time she was over they were hauling each other around the yard in the one little patch of remaining snow! Like all the grass in the background? It's a sign of a less than average snowfall for the winter!

Our Own Brand Of Mystery Men

Faster than a Speeding Bullet........

It's A Bird!

It's A Plane! It's the Undie Boys! Run for your lives!

Each has their own flare!

Another Gavin-ism

Gavin, Gavin, Gavin. You're so funny! Today Gavin did something so funny! We bought him some new shoes yesterday (which he needed badly) and he was so excited to wear them that he talked Michael into taking he and Jared on a walk to "try them out." It's Sunday and usually Michael stays in his church clothes all day. So when Michael told Gavin he'd take him for that walk, Gavin says "Dad, do you think you could change out of those clothes. I don't want it to look like you just went Home Teaching." Can you believe this kid? Hilarious - we're in trouble if he cares that bad what other people think when he's 5! Yikes! We love you Gavin!

Update: Their walk only lasted 5 minutes in the snow flurries when Gavin turned to Michael and said, "Dad, this was a bad idea!"